30 Day Sharp Shooter is a downloadable guide that promises to teach anyone how to be a deadly accurate shooter. Here’s our review of 30 Day Sharp Shooter.

What is 30 Day Sharp Shooter?

30 Day Sharp Shooter is an online training program that consists of downloadable training materials – like eBooks and videos. The program was created by a former CIA officer. It’s catered towards survivalists, preppers, and anyone interested in defending their homes against intruders.

To create the program, that CIA officer teamed up with some of the best shooters in the world. The CIA officer himself has also trained thousands of students on his own. This is the exact guide he personally uses in his own training.

As you may have guessed from the name of the program, it promises to take you from rookie shooter to sharpshooter in just 30 days.

What Will You Learn in 30 Day Sharp Shooter?

30 Day Sharp Shooter covers everything you need to know about becoming a more accurate shooter. You perform simple drills every day of the month.

Drills from Monday to Friday are dry-fire drills, which don’t require ammunition and can be practiced at home with an empty weapon. Then, drills on Saturdays are live fire drills that you can perform at your local shooting range.

Some of the lessons included in the program include:

-A trigger control secret “that 1 in 1,000 shooters have never ever been shown”. The author claims that trigger control is one of the most important parts of becoming an accurate shooter, and his trigger control trick is routinely used within sharpshooter training in the government sector.

-Pictures that show you exactly how to hold your hands on your gun to practice expert trigger control.

-Blank Panel drill that takes less than 9 minutes to do per day and does not require any ammunition.

-Draw to the Wall drill, where you practice the skills needed to develop a smooth draw, letting you get your gun out and on target in two seconds or less.

-5 Square Drill, which consists of a paper target you print off at home (the target is included in the program).  There are 4 targets in total included in the program.

Ultimately, the CIA officer claims he charges $250 for a private shooting lesson. This online book is like getting unlimited access to this CIA officer’s knowledge. You don’t have to travel to see him and you can perform it all at home or at local shooting ranges.

30 Day Sharp Shooter Pricing

30 Day Sharp Shooter is available online today from SurvivalLife.com, where it’s priced at $27.

The online form accepts all major credit cards. Your payment will be processed by Clickbank.

All purchases include a bonus copy of The Covert Guide to Concealed Carry, which explains how to choose the right gun, the right holster, and other gear for your concealed carry setup.

All purchases come with a generous refund policy. You can request a full refund any time after you’ve purchased the program with no questions asked.

Who is Jason Hanson?

Jason Hanson is a former CIA officer who genuinely worked for the CIA for 6 years. Since leaving the agency, he’s provided various training programs online and offline.

He claims the CIA doesn’t want him to share the lessons included in 30 Day Sharp Shooter. He even posts a cease and desist letter he received after the program went up for sale online (he later claims that he and the agency have “squared things away” after speaking with their lawyers.

Jason Hanson recently appeared on Shark Tank, where he advertised his business “Spy Escape and Evasion”. He ended up making a deal with one shark.

Jason appears to be affiliated with the American Gun Association. The contact page for 30 Day Sharp Shooter takes you to the contact form for the AGA. You can get in touch with them by email at support@gunassociation.org or by phone at 512-782-4624.

Should You Use 30 Day Sharp Shooter to Become a Better Shooter?

30 Day Sharp Shooter is an online training program that promises to help anyone become a faster, more accurate shooter in just 30 days. It gives you lessons to do every day to get better at firing your firearm. The lessons are taught by former CIA officer Jason Hanson, who has launched a number of other online training materials while also having his company featured on Shark Tank.

If you want to become a safer, more accurate shooter, then 30 Day Sharp Shooter may be the online training program you’ve been waiting for.