America 2020: The Survival Blueprint is a book published by Stansberry and Associates where they offer a blueprint full of investment secrets that most people do not know.

Those secrets, they claim, will have the ability to protect you in the so-called probable event of an economic collapse of the world governments.

There is also an option for newsletters that customers can subscribe to after purchasing the blueprint, for an added cost of course.

What Is America 2020: The Survival Blueprint?

The author of America 2020: The Survival Blueprint is Porter Stansberry, founder of Stansberry & Associates, who is a self-made millionaire who originally worked as a pizza guy before he left to take a position at a financial newsletter company, The Agora Group.

Not long after that, Stansberry started writing newsletters and tips that he claimed were a strong analysis on the future of the economy.

For a price, he says he will provide “insider tips” to help people be more prepared for the downfall of financial markets and he adds that the collapse will be far greater than the Great Recession.

The Product

The entire book is just over 100 pages long. It claims that it can provide readers with the exact steps to follow as a way to prepare themselves and loved ones from the “highly likely” financial crisis that is bound to surface in America.

Stansberry touts that his blueprint has several ideas and legal tips anyone can use to help them prepare for the future cheaply and easily. The blueprint includes:

  • Three of the safest currencies in the world
  • Three types of assets no one has the legal obligation to report to the government
  • Best areas to go in the midst of a US crisis
  • Stansberry's favorite gold storage facility in the US
  • The absolute best strategy to “get out of any jam” when the next crisis comes
  • Steps to take to open a foreign bank account online quickly
  • What you can do to legally and safely move money outside America (including the US dollar) without your needing to report it to the government
  • An easy way to organize all your financial documents
  • Tips to get real silver in your possession for under $3
  • The most valuable assets available during a crisis that can help protect you and your loved ones.
  • The “radical technique” that was used by New Orleans residents to get through, completely unscathed, after Hurricane Katrina hit

The Opportunity

Those that order the book should have more of an understanding as to what they can do to protect themselves from imminent collapse; however, Stansberry adds in a long disclosure that, and quote “we are not responsible for your results –whether it is good or bad.”

Whatever information is provided in the book would be up to you to implement in whatever way you see fit, which means you may or may not be successful in the end.

On top of that, there is the risk of financial loss in the process. The book does not contain any guarantees nor figures of success from purchasers who implement what is in the book.

Nonetheless, it does not mean that America 2020: The Survival Blueprint would be completely unhelpful to anyone that decides to go ahead and purchase it.

The Verdict

If a blueprint claims to have tips that can help you, it should be something that a majority of people can do with success… otherwise it is no different than gambling.

Anyone can tell you it is a dog eat dog world out there; why should you have to pay someone to tell you ways to defend your financial security? The only person you would be helping out by purchasing this is the author; not yourself.

There are various other, and more secure, outlets you can look into for financial security, be it through a financing advisor or opting for self-employment. Although everything in life holds some form of risk, money spent on this book may very well be money that you lose.