Ape Survival, one of the world’s foremost prepping, survival and self defense product sites, is currently running a site promotion that allows interested parties to claim a free survival card and elite survival training guide series.

While site promotions are a common method of driving traffic towards online retailers, this new campaign offered by Ape Survival is unique as it offers a useful and somewhat valuable multi-tool card for free.

Pocket knives and multi tools are not new inventions, with histories traced back over hundreds of years, but the Ape Survival Rescue Card on offer with this free promotion is an interesting spin on the invention.

Small enough to fit inside a wallet, the Rescue Card contains a number of helpful emergency situation tools and fits in any wallet, making it the ultimate stealth survival tool.

The best thing about this card is that it’s completely free, along with a number of educational guides on survival techniques and practices.

Ape Survival Rescue Card Features

The small form factor of the Ape Survival Rescue Card hides a number of highly useful features.

Containing a survival rope, a slotted screwdriver, a location hole, a butterfly screw wrench, a scraper edge and a blade, four hex wrenches, a saw blade and a can opener, a lanyard hole and a rope cutter, this powerful device is surprisingly useful for a promotional item.

Other features include a ruler complete with measurements, a wide slotted screwdriver, an easy to read SOS distress code and a HELP distress code for emergency situations.

At just 2.7 inches long and 1.8 inches wide, this tiny tool is small enough to fit inside your wallet, purse or glove compartment and just may make the difference between life or death in an emergency situation.

Bonus Survival Guides

As part of the free Rescue Card promotion, Ape Survival are also offering preppers and survival enthusiasts a number of free survival guides in downloadable eBook format.

The first book, 30 Day Survival Training, offers a comprehensive 30 day bug out essentials guide, introducing the reader to the basics of prepping and survival in anything short of a doomsday scenario.

Covering everything from how to build shelter and fire to finding potable water and self defense techniques, this guide is the ultimate introductory guide to prepping for the worst.

The second free eBook available in the promotion, Wild Scavenger Training, provides a lengthy breakdown of the best way to live off the land.

From identifying potentially poisonous foodstuffs to the best way to filter and sterilize drinking water and catching small game, Wild Scavenger Training is a complete instructional guide to surviving in any situation.

The last free eBook that is included in the Ape Survival Rescue Card promotion is Plan B defense training.

Often in survival situations individuals are called upon to protect themselves from would be assailants without having any prior experience or knowledge on how to deal with the situation.

Plan B Defense Training outlines a basic self defense method that can be used by preppers of all ages and body types to save their own or somebody else's life.

About Ape Survival

Ape Survival, the company that offers the free Rescue Card and eBook promotion, is an online shop that focuses on offering the highest quality survival and prepping tools and information on the market.

From survival kits to small form factor knife cards or tactical torches, Ape Survival has a comprehensive range of tools that can make a difference in critical situation.

In addition to providing high quality survival gear, Ape Survival also run a blog that offers information on the latest survival technology and techniques.