The B Lit labels itself as ‘The most innovative lighting tool since the flashlight itself’. Promising never before seen innovative flashlight control, the B Lit is a revolutionary new torch accessory system that works with countless flashlights and tactical torches.

The key premise of the B Lit isn’t redesigning the wheel- or torch- but changing the way in which you hold it.


With a wide range of applications for contractors, DIY enthusiasts, mechanics and outdoors enthusiasts, the B Lit is a shining all-American example of innovation.

In this article we’ll examine the various features of the B Lit system, it’s potential uses, and provide an analysis on pricing, value, and some background on the mastermind behind it all.

What is the B Lit?

The B Lit is a portable lightweight flashlight mount that can be used in a wide array of configurations to help you illuminate low-light situations.

The B Lit offers hands free lighting that can be attached to almost anything, and works with almost any flashlight between .5-.9 inches in diameter. The B Lit allows you to hang a flashlight of your choice from hooks, wires, trees, almost any object you can dream up.

Sporting twin N52 neodymium magnets, the B Lit can attach to any metal surface, making it perfect for changing your spare tire, or working in cramped engine compartments. The B Lit offers innovative angle control and can clip to your belt, backpack or hat.

The Origin of B Lit

B Lit’s creator, Ken Brown of Chester County, Pennsylvania, is a self-confessed tinkerer and inventor.

A a lifelong outdoor adventurer and family man, Brown is was a small town entrepreneur when he came up with the idea of the B Lit as a solution to his own flashlight difficulties.

A graduate of West Chester University, Brown began the design process for the B Lit in 2008, and has refined the product design over several years until reaching the final solution available to consumers today.

Brown is no stranger to invention and innovation, holding five patents with several currently pending.

Bringing a new product to market can be a difficult and lengthy exercise. In the initial design process of the B Lit, Brown encountered a myriad of roadblocks and pitfalls that needed to be negotiated in order to create a marketable product.

When designing, patenting, developing, manufacturing and marketing a unique, new product, costs can multiply exponentially, such as patent applications requiring complex scientific language.

One of the key selling points of the B Lit, and a pivotal factor in Brown’s success in the creation of the B Lit, is locally sourcing the materials required for the construction of the B Lit.

The B Lit frames are molded in Connecticut from a proprietary alloy, the same place Brown sources the hooks for the B Lit.

The B Lit packaging is also sourced within the US, from either North Carolina or Minnesota.

Just about the only part of the B Lit that isn’t sourced in the United States are the neodymium magnets- most of the world’s neodymium comes from China, where the largest distributors of the rare-earth mineral are located, so it must be imported to the US.

The B LIt’s manufacturing hub is based in Thorndale, Pennsylvania, hiring local employees, who assemble and package the B Lit for shipping worldwide.

The management of the parent company that manufactures B Lit, MSB Inc (an acronym for Make Stuff Better), is a run by the Brown family. Marketing is overseen by Brown’s wife Cira, and his father Ken helps manage the financial particulars.

In response to the worldwide attention received by the B Lit product, the Brown family found their single page website wasn’t up to the task of processing the multitude of international orders they’d been inundated with.

B Lit engaged the help of a digital marketing agency, Stratus Interactive, to redefine their online presence and uplift their brand. B Lit launched their new website in 2013 in conjunction with a holiday television and print advertising campaign with resounding success.

B Lit Construction and Design

The B Lit is composed of a robust, tough metal alloy and consists of three separate components- the flashlight mount and clip, a stainless steel clip, and a metal housing containing two super strong neodymium magnets.

The clip is intended to be attached to objects thick enough to support the weight of a standard flashlight, but can’t grab onto items thicker than 1/4″.

The hook of the B lit can be conveniently stored within the magnet housing when not in use, and can only be inserted/removed from the hanging position when completely perpendicular to the B Lit and locks into place when in use.

The hook component is excellent for hanging the B Lit when a vertical light source is required, such as from a tent, or car hood.

The magnet component is very strong and can also be used for picking up spilled nails and the like, and the B Lit can even function as a stand for most torches, using the neodymium magnets to hold the light in place.

B Lit Pricing & Availability

B Lit offer a wide range of products from their website. The basic B Lit Lighting System Universal Mount is available for $9.99 USD + shipping, with multiple mounts available at bulk discount.

B Lit also offer a combination package for consumers that need a flashlight as well, including a 30 Lumen LED flashlight along with the B Lit Lighting System Universal Mount.

The included flashlight uses a single AA battery as its power source, and can store a backup battery in the B Lit Mount for convenience. The flashlight and combo mount package is priced at $14.99 USD + shipping.

B Lit also sells a number of different standalone high powered flashlights via their online store, ranging in price from $13.99 for a standard LED flashlight, all the way up to $84.99 for a super bright 950 Lumen PowerTac Tactical E5 torch.

The B Lit is covered by a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects and offers a full replacement policy for defective B Lit mounts.

If you’re in the market for a convenient flashlight clip that allows to work hands free without juggling your flashlight or holding it in your teeth, B Lit is a fantastic US-made solution that won’t break your budget.