Every man needs his “toys” and those toys are the hardware and tools that can carry you through the toughest and most challenging of projects and situations. Among your list of tools is a flashlight and these days, you’ll find that there are so many different and high-tech options on the market to meet your needs.

One type of flashlight that has received widespread acclaim among men is the Falcon Tactical Flashlight. This flashlight is everything that a real man needs to get him through camping excursions, building projects, and even the defense of himself, his family, and his home. If you are ready to add the ultimate tool to your toolbox, then this review is the perfect place to start.

About Falcon Tactical Flashlight

Falcon Tactical Flashlight is everything a man needs in a sturdy, effective, and premium-grade flashlight device. Falcon Flashlight is a brand that is poised to become “one of the global leaders of flashlight technology in the coming years.” As a result of the brand’s motives and its quality products, you can expect to hear many more men buzzing about this tactical device.

With the Falcon Tactical Flashlight device, you will finally realize what a real flashlight is. As the brand explains, there are no tasks too large for the Falcon Tactical Flashlight to handle.

The Optimal Model: Falcon x800

There is currently one model of the Falcon Tactical Flashlight and it’s the Flacon x800. This model will change your perception of flashlights, especially because there are numerous qualities that you won’t find elsewhere. The flashlight is designed to be more than just a companion to so it can illuminate the darkness, but it is also designed to provide you with numerous other qualities and benefits that can improve your experience.

Defend Yourself, Your Family, and Your Property

One of the most important advantages to the Falcon Tactical Flashlight is that the device is your prime solution in times of break in, aside from also calling the police. The makers of the Falcon Tactical Flashlight realized how horrifying it can be to have someone beak into your home and to threaten you and your family.

When you have the Falcon Tactical Flashlight on hand, you can use this device as a deterrence method by illuminating the extremely powerful ray of light upon them. Studies show that many intruders are deterred from powerful lights that mimic headlights of a car because they realize that the light is related to law enforcement vehicles. Another use for the flash light in terms of self-defense is that it also acts as a makeshift club. You’ll be able to whack and seriously intruder with the use of force.

Fits in a Purse or Small Compartment

The Falcon Tactical Flashlight is a powerful device, but that does necessarily mean that it is bulky and heavy. Another advantage to this device is that it is small and convenient enough to fit comfortably in your purse of back. You can give your wife or girlfriend this flashlight to carry around in her purse, just in case she needs to protect herself. The flashlight is an inconspicuous object when stored away and most will not realize that the device is being carried around for self-defense purposes.

Home Hazards

With the Falcon Tactical Flashlight, you’ll finally realize all of the main uses of a real flashlight. Another benefit to having this nifty device on hand in your home is that it can get you through some of the most hazardous conditions, such as a smog-filled house or flooding. The light is bright enough to illuminate an entire room so that you can direct your family to safety when you need to.

Roadside Help

Car trouble can happen to anyone and one of the worst times for it to occur is at night, when everything is pitch-black. Many find that putting the Falcon Tactical Flashlight in their glove compartment before a road trip has proved to be invaluable. The light from the flashlight truly does help you manage getting your vehicle repaired, regardless of whether the issue is due to a flat tire or engine problems. You’ll also be able to keep the space around you illuminated so that cars are able to see you when driving by.

Batteries Come Separate

The ordering process for the Falcon Tactical Flashlight is very easy. When you order, you’ll just receive the flashlight itself. But, you should also keep in mind that you need to order a separate battery and a wall charger.

The battery is a premium lithium ion rechargeable battery that will last you for years to come. It also provides you with a great deal of convenience, since you do not need to deal with traditional batteries. All you do is charge the flashlight using the quick charging wall charger station. It takes a mere few hours to fully charge the flashlight for your next use.

Another point to know is that when you order batteries, if you order multiple ones, you receive 50% off each one. This may be a good deal if you are purchasing multiple flashlights and need batteries for each.

The Cost and Discount

The full price of one falcon flashlight is $56 and this is after the 75% discount promotion that has been applied. You also will receive free shipping when you put in an order. Better yet, the shipping system is through USPS, which means that you can rely on it to come on time and in good condition. The entire payment system is completely secure so that you can feel confident when making your purchase.

Keep in mind that you need to be 18 years or older to order. If you are below the age of 18, have an adult help you with the order.


Overall, the Falcon Tactical Flashlight is highly recommended for both men and women who want the convenience, power, and strength of a durable and effective flashlight. With this device, you’ll attain qualities that you’ve never had before in a flashlight. To order, visit the brand’s website today.