Forbidden Kill Strikes Review

According to the Department of Justice, there is one burglary every 15 seconds and one aggravated assault every 41.5 seconds. As a result, these days protecting yourself and your family are imperative. But, despite the prevalent common belief, you do not need a gun to do so. The best way to protect you and your family is utilize a premier program that many are taking upon themselves to learn and luckily, it is one easy thing to do.

The program is called Forbidden Kill Strikes and to date, it has helped thousands of people receive the tools, knowledge, and moves that they need to learn deadly fighting techniques. Here is everything you need to know about this program:

About Forbidden Kill Strikes

Forbidden-Kill-Strikes-reviewForbidden Kill Strikes is a program developed by a young man who needed the knowledge to protect himself and his family. The fortunate aspect of this program is that even the most conceptually challenging and intricate fighting techniques are completely possible to learn through the straightforward methods shown in the guidebook.

For those who dislike a program that simply requires you to read a book, there is a positive aspect and it is that the guidebook is certainly entertaining and interesting to read.

You’ll find that the narrator does an excellent job and explaining the program and panning out what you can expect and how you can achieve the knowledge that you need to protect yourself, no matter what situation you are faced with.

The Maneuvers You Learn

To help you meet your self-defense goals, the program features a number of maneuvers that are very easy to follow and understand. Instead of spending countless hours per week at a training class, you can simply devote some time to reading this book so that you can learn the basic, yet powerful, techniques that you need for outstanding results.

The program covers the following the following maneuvers:

Early American and Prison-Style Fight

First, the program takes you through early American and prison-style fight methods. These are perhaps the most aggressive types of tactics because they are used by those who need to remain alert and “on-edge” constantly. Moreover, you’ll attain knowledge on how to hone-in on these styles so that you can perfect them over time. As the program explains, these moves are “barbaric” and “brutal” and should leave you well-equipped to protect yourself anywhere.

A Simple Deadly Fighting Technique

Second, the program teaches you a very simple, yet deadly, fighting technique that has been perfected through methods by fighters around the globe. It is a martial art system that was used by warriors over centuries. The author of the program explains that the technique is one that you have never heard of and by using it, and you will be able to protect yourself anywhere.

Remote Martial Art Programs

Third, the program also teaches you some great survival and martial art programs such as Krav Maga from Israel and Siliat from Malaysia. These programs can be challenging to learn at first, but they are wholly worth your while. They will equip you with the mental focus and the stability that you need to excel at fighting.

The Hidden Kill Styles

To give you an even better sense of how well this program works, it also contains what it refers to as “Hidden Kill” styles. These are a number of specific devastating moves that you can use to fully protect yourself in the direst of circumstances. One of the main qualities to note about the kill styles is that they can be the trickiest part of the program to learn. Fortunately though, the program really does make it easy for you to implement these techniques so that you solidify them.

A few of the hidden kill moves include:

  • Insane elbow moves that obliterates your attacker’s jugular
  • A one-second escape maneuver that can get you out of a choke hold
  • A jaw-slicing technique that has been used by government interrogators. It is now illegal to use by governmental entities.
  • A skin-puncturing jab used by prison inmates
  • And more.

The Methods Will be a Second-Nature

Another advantage to the program is that everything you learn will become a “second nature.” The program teaches you how to learn these moves and then how to “upload” them into the muscle fibers and nerves in your body. In doing so, you’ll be able to tap into the power of the methods whenever you need to.

Using Everyday Household Objects

Another advantage to the program is that it goes beyond using your body as a defense mechanism. The program also teaches you how to use everyday household objects such as bats, knives, tooth picks, umbrellas, and shoes.

If your short on potential weaponry, then no need to worry. The program also touches upon how you can rapidly construct number of impoverished weapons to best protect yourself. For example, the program teaches you on how to transform a piece of paper into a solid mechanism that you can use to protect yourself.

Defense Against a Gun

If your attacker is using a gun, then you are obviously going to need to know how to handle yourself in such a situation. Forbidden Kill teaches you how to remove the weapon from your attacker when you need to. Moreover, the program taches you a swinging “scissor” move that allows you to disable your opponent immediately.

Bonus Materials

The program also features a number of bonus materials. These bonus materials include:

  • The Protect and Detain Initiative
  • Teach and Train Initiative
  • Short Stack Initiative

With these types of bonus materials, you’ll be able to fully protect yourself, your family, and your loved ones with the best methods possible. You’ll never find yourself in a moment where you are at loss as to how you can address the situation.

Price and Where to Buy

If you are interested in Forbidden Kill Strikes, the program is available on the brand’s website. Originally, the program costs $67.00, but now, you can purchase it for the low price of $67.00.


If you are interested in taking your self-defense knowledge to the next level, then this is the program for you. Forbidden Kill Strikes is not only easy to follow, but it is an excellent program to implement into your life. With this program, you’ll be able to protect yourself and your family no matter what situation you find yourselves in.