Guard Dog Security Review

Guard Dog Security is an online retailer that specializes in selling a wide range of personal protection devices. Here’s our Guard Dog Security review.

What is Guard Dog Security?

Guard Dog Security is an online security products retailer that sells a wide range of personal protection items – including pepper sprays, stun guns, tactical flashlights, and even bulletproof backpacks.

The retailer claims to be America’s most recognized tactical self-defense brand and is “committed to providing personal self-defense, security and protection for everyday use with highly effective and affordable products.”

The company is known for testing all the products it sells. Products that pass the in-house quality control test will receive a lifetime warranty.

The company is also best-known for its lineup of stun guns, including concealed stun guns that resemble flashlights.

Guard Dog Security is based in Sanford, Florida but exclusively sells products online.

What kinds of products does Guard Dog Security sell aside from stun guns? Let’s take a closer look.

Guard Dog Security Products

Guard Dog Security separates its products into seven different categories, including all of the following:

Stun Guns

Guard Dog Security Stun Guns include a variety of handheld options. There are many flashlight stun guns, for example, which look like a flashlight but have a concealed stun gun hidden within.

There’s also a device called the iStun, which is a rechargeable disguised smart phone stun gun with an LED light.

Guard Dog Security stun guns range in price from $30 to $105.

Pepper Sprays

Guard Dog Security Pepper Sprays promise to give you reliable self-defense at your fingertips. Just like the stun gun category, the pepper sprays can be disguised as innocent flashlights. The company’s Olympian models, for example, have a flashlight on the front with a small pepper spray output directly below.

There are also Instafire Xtreme pepper sprays, which are small handheld weapons that come with knuckle defense active wear and are designed for use when jogging.

Small pepper sprays start at around $20, while the larger and more powerful delivery devices (like the ones bundled with a flashlight) are priced between $50 and $100.

Tactical Flashlights

Tactical flashlights come in all different sizes – including keychain size and flashlights that are longer than a foot. Some of the larger Guard Dog Security flashlight models output 2000 or 3000 lumen of light, which is a huge amount of light power. These flashlights are priced at $154.95 for the Astro 2000 lumen model and $169.95 for the Icon 3000 lumen model.


Guard Dog Security currently only sells two products under the Bulletproof category. Both of these products are backpacks: there’s the ProShield II Backpack available in black or pink colors. Both are priced at $229.95.

These backpacks provide a number of multimedia carrying cases and other features you would see in a standard backpack. The main difference, of course, is that the backpack comes with “lightweight armor” installed. That lightweight armor weighs only ounces more than a standard backpack. The backpack is designed to help you stay protected while at school, traveling, or any other situation where you may need a backpack.

Life Style

The Life Style category breaks up all of the above products into categories specific for different activities.

All of the subcategories, for example, are available: walking/running/jogging, home security, child security, prevention, security professional, hunting, fishing, and disaster preparedness.

When you click on the child security category, for example, you can buy the bulletproof backpacks listed above.


The Accessories category contains a wide range of holsters, holders, and chargers for use with various Guard Dog Security products. There are wall mounts for the pepper spray canisters, for example, as well as a premium leather holster that can be used to hold multiple types of Guard Dog Security products.


The Miscellaneous category includes handcuffs, batons, home security systems, fire extinguishers, and eve “tactical pens”. You can also purchase Guard Dog Security window and door stickers or yard signs – so if you want to let the neighborhood know your house is protected by Guard Dog Security products, then you can do that.

How to Buy Guard Dog Security Products

Guard Dog Security are available to purchase online through the official website at

Alternatively, Guard Dog Security products are sold at retailers across America – including and Walmart. You can use the website’s Find a Retailer tool to find a retailer near you.

How Do Guard Dog Security Stun Guns Work?

Guard Dog Security is best-known for its lineup of stun guns. Many of the company’s stun guns use something called Inner Stun Technology, where the probes of the stun gun are placed strategically within the outer layer of the flashlight so the stun gun prongs are never seen.

This allows the company to create devices that look like flashlights, but still have the full capabilities of a powerful stun gun.

About Guard Dog Security

Guard Dog Security is a Florida company based at the following address:

4180 St. John’s Parkway

Sanford, FL 32771

You can contact the company by phone at 888-800-8440 or by email at

Guard Dog Security Lifetime Warranty

Guard Dog Security is well-known for its lifetime warranty. Here’s how that warranty works:

-You buy a Guard Dog Security product from an authorized retailer

-After some time, you may notice that the product doesn’t work as well as it used to

-You contact Guard Dog Security customer care

-You ship your product back to Guard Dog Security, and they repair your product or replace it

-The repaired or replaced product is sent back to your free of charge, and the lifetime warranty continues to apply to that product, so you can continue sending it back

Ultimately, few companies stand behind their products like this. You can read more about this lifetime warranty here.

Are Guard Dog Security Products Legal?

Stun guns, pepper sprays, and other Guard Dog Security products aren’t 100% legal across all of America. Pepper spray can legally be used in all 50 states, for example, although some states have restrictions in place (including Washington, Nevada, California, Alaska, Hawaii, Arkansas, Mississippi, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, North Carolina, South Carolina, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Jersey, and Delaware).

Meanwhile, stun guns are illegal in five states (New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Hawaii), and illegal in some parts of three states (Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Maryland). 8 states allow stun guns but with restrictions, including Mississippi, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, North Dakota, Wyoming, Alaska, and Connecticut. In all remaining states, stun guns are totally legal.

Fortunately, you can stay up to date on laws in your region with this handy guide on the official company website: