Self-Defense with Jason Hanson: A Unique Take on Important Survival Techniques

In the rough waters of 2016, a proper self-defense technique can be the difference between sinking and swimming.

With this in mind, millions of Americans have scoured the internet in search of the most comprehensive (and cost effective) self-defense course money can buy. The internet, however, can be a really rough place.

Filled to the brim with scammers and con artists alike, the internet is rife with fakers poised to steal the money of the gullible and the innocent.

Despite the grim outlook online, the public desire and need for self-defense has never been higher. Statistics are harrowing: 15,696 murders, 327,374 robberies, and a violent crime every 22 seconds in 2015.

Americans sometimes feel scared, and with good reason. The threat of violence is a heavy burden to bear for 21st century citizens all over the world.

Thus, the need for a legitimate defense course taught by a qualified expert has never been higher. Millions of citizens every year search all corners of the internet for the right courses, packages, and guides on self-defense.

However, many of the sites they are directed too often either charge exuberant prices or offer faulty and unsubstantiated information.

Self-Defense with Jason Hanson is not one such course. The course is directed and taught entirely by a man named Jason Hanson.

A former CIA operative, Hanson possesses the credentials and the experience to provide consumers with a comprehensive guide to self-defense which could guarantee that, when the time comes, they swim rather than sink.

More importantly to some customers, Hanson’s program has been condensed and offered at a reduced rate.

A Program with Much Ado

Jason Hanson’s self-defense program has been featured on a variety of significant shows in the past year.

Making the stage of ‘Shark Tank’ and ‘The Rachael Ray Show,’ Jason Hanson has done the leg-work to make his course one of the most well-known in the world of self-defense. In his promotional site, Jason talks at great length about the nature of the course he offers.

Giving readers and listeners an in-depth look into what his course offers, Hanson elaborates on the need for self-defense in our volatile world and how his guides can help readers do what they need to do to protect themselves.

Specifically, Jason cites key statistics on crime in the United States to back his point that every man, woman, and child could benefit from self-defense.

No doubt, Jason Hanson has made sure Americans are aware of his program. Despite its popularity in the media, however, many constituents still wonder how effective the course can be in helping them realize their own self-defense goals.

An Instructor who knows His Stuff

One of the biggest problems which prevent meaningful self-defense training from being available to the general population is the lack of viable trainers involved in operations. This problem is not one which seems to affect Hanson’s set of programs and classes.

Jason Hanson’s life as a CIA officer has been the subject at the core of many of his television appearances. Americans are particularly interested in learning about the life of spies.

With several years of spying experience under his belt, Hanson has the experience necessary to teach his students industry techniques for self-defense and fighting that are available in few other comprehensive guides in the self-defense industry.

In fact, an article from Forbes attributes much of Hanson’s ability as an instructor to his background in in the CIA. This background, fans argue, is a key reason why the leader is so powerful a speaker, communicator, and teacher.

His confidence, poise, and professionalism are often a direct result of his experience.

While Jason Hanson may at first seem like one of the other billion self-proclaimed self-defense masters of the world, Hanson brings something new and exciting to the table: verifiable and significant credentials.

A Promising Program

The guide on self-defense offered by Hanson is not only based in his past, however. Instead, many of the defense techniques preached by Hanson have resonated with a wide variety of professionals.

Just like any young businessman, the first group the ex-CIA had to impress was the investors—and impress he did.

Appearing on an episode of Shark Tank, a reality show where inventors and entrepreneurs alike show off their inventions in exchange for the chance to be invested in by the show’s hosts, Jason Hanson showed off his self-defense techniques.

Escaping bonds of duct-tape, zip ties, and even reversing holds his assistants put on him, the agent was able to woo the show’s producers enough to warrant an investment of over $150,000.

Jason immediately put this money into expanding and growing his business. What was once a small operation offering training for select kinds of self-defense quickly became a large organization with much to offer potential clients.

In fact, Mr. Hanson was able to open up a new facility in Utah, where he now hosts an evasive driving course for his happy customers.

Hanson offers a comprehensive two-day course for the hefty price of $1600. In this course, Hanson argues that consumers will learn valuable defense techniques, from hand-to-hand combat, to knife-defense, and even defense while driving.

Though the exact techniques are left to his happy clients, Hanson’s course is generally recognized as a legitimate course in a world of illegitimacy.

A Lower Price

The $1600 price tag on the two-day excursion may be too much for many self-defense oriented citizens.

Hanson, recognizing this, now offers a less costly online course called the “Three Stage Defense Protocol.” Including a course on “two-second survival,” “two-second knife defense,” and “escape and evasion driving,” this cheaper course has much to offer potential buyers.

A Legitimate Program

The World Wide Web can be a dangerous place. Americans seeking a path to self-protection in 2016 are often confronted with the worst it has to offer: scams, hustles, and shenanigans galore.

However, it seems that Jason Hanson’s self-defense course offers Americans a legitimate opportunity to learn defense from a true pro.

Offering professional self-defense courses at often reduced costs, Jason Hanson has quickly become a titan of the self-defense industry, and rightfully so; Hanson’s course is helps Americans swim, not sink.