Lightstrike Tactical Laser Review

The Lightstrike Tactical Laser is a laser that offers higher visibility with its green light, which is helpful in emergency preparedness kits and hunting.

What is the Lightstrike Tactical Laser?

Preparing yourself for environmental or other disasters is the best choice you can make for your family. You never know when disaster will strike and leave you without power or water for days. While you won’t be able to sustain the same quality of living during this time, you can still make a difference in the way your family handles the events. That’s where the Lightstrike Tactical Laser comes in.

The Lightstrike Tactical Laser is high in quality and performance. To maintain durability, this laser’s casing is made of aerospace-grade aluminum, which are complemented by strong glass optics. The device is extremely compact, measuring only 16cm and weighing in at 98 grams. In comparison, this laser is only the size of the average pen when not in use, making it easy to store in your pocket, desk, or purse.

This device is much more than just durable and long-lasting; it is extremely powerful. This laser is capable of reaching a target of up to 60 yards in the daytime and 1,200 yards at night, due to its high visibility levels. You can actually see the beam of light as it is emitted from the laser, which is unlike the other lasers available on the market today.

Another reason for choosing Lightstrike Tactical Laser is that it can reach longer distances – up to 60 yards during the day and 1,200 yards at night or in dark places. You can also see the beam of light itself – from the tip of the laser pointer to the target area – compared to other lasers which only render the dot on the target area visible but not the beam itself.

Since the laser is so powerful, there is a special safety lock on the device. When the lock is engaged, you don’t have to worry about accidentally turning on the light and potentially injuring someone. This lock also prevents your kids from using the laser when you are not around.

Read on about the way this laser works to help you decide how many to order.

How the Lightstrike Tactical Laser Works

The Lightstrike Tactical Laser features a green beam of light, which actually functions a lot better than the red laser light that you most commonly see available in stores. Due to this unique hue, the laser is actually a lot easier to see in the daylight.

The reason the green hue is more easily seen is due to its placement on the visible light spectrum. Green is actually closer to the center of the spectrum than red, which makes it more highly visible. A higher nanometer level is usually the reason for having limited visibility. As a comparison, red has a value of 635 nanometers, while green has only 532 nanometers.

Uses for the Lightstrike Tactical Laser

The Lightstrike Tactical Laser is a multifunctional tool, which means that there are many uses you can have for this small and compact tool. One of the most popular uses for lasers is to act as a pointer or a helpful accessory during a presentation, but this tool can be used for so much more.

If you are trying to utilize this laser to its full capacity, then you will need it most in emergency situations to help protect or rescue you. The laser has a powerful lightbulb, which can easily be used to blind an attacker in the dark night. Even though the 5mW power is safe for general use, shining it in your attacker’s eyes is incredibly harmful.

Also, this laser can be attached to your firearms to help with precision and aim, whether you hunt in the nighttime or daytime.

Pricing for the Lightstrike Tactical Laser

While most companies may offer temporary incentives to get you to purchase their products quickly, you won’t have any of these gimmicks from the makers of the Lightstrike Tactical Laser. Instead, the company encourages you to buy as many lasers as you need, allowing you to leave one in every area you could be in when disaster strikes.

As you purchase more of the lasers, you are given a discount on the overall price. Essentially, as you buy more, you pay less with each unit. Here are the package options available:

  • One laser: $56.00
  • Two lasers: $97.00 ($48.50 per unit)
  • Three lasers: $134.00 ($44.67 per unit)
  • Four lasers: $169.00 ($42.25 per unit)
  • Five lasers: $196.00 ($39.20 per unit)
  • Ten lasers: $350.00 ($35.00 per unit)
  • 15 lasers: $450.00 ($30.00 per unit)
  • 20 lasers: $550.00 ($27.50 per unit)

There are certain rules and regulations that prevent these lasers from being sent with the batteries. For that reason, you will need to purchase batteries separately online or from a local vendor.

Contacting the Makers of the Lightstrike Tactical Laser

If you end up having questions about the Lightstrike Tactical Laser, or you need information about the status of your order, then you can contact the makers of this accessory. There is no phone number or email address listed, but there is a fill-in form on the website. The form requests your name and contact information, allowing them to send a response quickly. There is no time limit listed to tell you when you should hear back.


The Lightstrike Tactical Laser is a great accessory to bring into your home, whether you are preparing for a surprise emergency or you need to protect yourself while away from home. The best deals on this device come with ordering multiple lasers at once, which is perfect for giving them as gifts or keeping a few on hand wherever you go. This powerful green laser is the best way to stay safe in a multitude of ways.