The events in Flint, Michigan this past year have made it abundantly clear that the world is facing a crucial water problem.

From droughts in California and Northern Africa to the contamination of water in cities, there are serious issues that will have to be dealt with in the next several years.

However, sometimes it can feel like people aren’t doing enough to help deal with this crisis or, better yet, reverse it completely.

The true problem at the heart of the water crisis facing the world today is that the earth only has access to so much water. The water that everyone drinks and that fills the oceans, lakes, and rivers across the world is being constantly recycled.

While the recycling process should work well, when even some of this water is contaminated, it completely messes up the cycle. Until that water is purified, it can’t be used in the water cycle, which means there’s less water available for life forms throughout the world.

While small contaminations can be handled, what would happen if the water in cities was completely undrinkable? What if the water was turned off?

The whole country watched in dismay as one city in suffered from a horrific water crisis, but what would happen if the whole country suffered the same fate?

These are the questions the people at LPC Survival asked themselves. And unlike other people who ask the questions and then move on with life, LPC Survival decided to do something about it.

By creating a line of survival products, specifically water purification products, LPC Survival has been able to prepare people for the worst case scenario for years.

What is LPC Survival?

LPC Survival is a company that makes and sells a wide variety of survival and preparedness products. While LPC Survival is considered an expert in a wide range of products, it is most well-known for its Berkey Water Filtration Systems.

Coming in several sizes and capabilities, these water filtration systems are able to purify water, no matter what source it comes from.

The goal of LPC Survival was to create a market where those who care about their future and the safety of their families can come and find the products they need to survive the worst case scenarios no one wants to think about.

From storable food options to heating and power tools, LPC Survival is the one stop shop for the most avid survivalist.

However, despite its dedication and focus on survival, LPC Survival is also the perfect store for those looking for gear and products for any outdoor adventures. From backpacking to camping, LPC Survival has products that will make any adventure easier and more fun.

Plus, with its amazingly competitive prices, LPC Survival is able to offer its amazing line of products even to those on a budget.

About the Berkey System

As mentioned above, LPC Survival offers a wide range of products, but its most popular line is its Berkey Systems. From smaller, single water purifiers to larger options, these systems were created to work without electricity or plumbing.

Working completely off the grid, the Berkey Systems are fed by gravity and can purify most water sources.

Some of the sources that the Berkey System has been used for include:

– Creeks

– Lakes

– Ponds

– Stagnant Ponds

– Rain Water

– Rivers

– Springs

– Streams

– Tap Water

– Stored Water

– Well Water

And, also mentioned above, these systems vary in size, so customers can pick out the products that would work best for their specific needs. From single water bottles to large filtration systems for entire groups, Berkey System offers something for everything.

The foundation of the Berkey System is its amazing Black Berkey Purification Elements. These primary filters are able to purify water of extreme contaminants. Sold in sets of two, these filters are able to purify 3,000 gallons of water each.

However, it should be remembered that the more contaminated a water source is, the faster these filters will be used up.

Berkey Systems are also extremely easy to assemble and use. While the smaller options, like the Sport Berkey Water Bottle, require no assembly, the others can be stored in parts and assembled as needed.

Most have upper and lower chambers, with the upper chamber being used to store the contaminated water and the lower chamber catching the purified water.

For those looking for a large water filtration option, the Crown Berkey Elements is the best choice, since it holds 6 gallons of purified water at one time.

Purchasing LPC Survival Products

As mentioned above, while the Berkey Systems are the most popular products sold by LPC Survival, they are only one segment of the company. Below is a list of the other categories of products sold by LPC Survival.

These products can be purchased on the LPC Survival website ( and they will be shipped directly to customers.

The products sold by LPC Survival include:

–  Berkey Water Filter Systems

– Berkey Accessories

– Organic Food Storage

– Health and Wellness

– Heirloom Seed Banks

– Mountain House Food Storage

– Survival Cave Food Storage

– Preparedness Books

– Tattler Canning Lids

– Cooking and Heating Tools

– Grain and Seed Mill

– Prepper and Survival Tools

– Survival Kits

– Watersafe Test Kit

– Redmond Salt and More

– Sovereign Silver

– Solar Power

– Fuel Treatment

– Kelly Kettles

– Water Storage

As mentioned above, this is only a small selection of the products sold by LPC Survival.