Lumitact G700 Military Grade LED Flashlight

The Lumitact Flashlight product line is manufactured by an organization named the National Protection association which is based in Saint Charles, Missouri. The National Protection Association was built on the foundation of helping people protect themselves. Thus, they provide products that are used for self- defense and for survival.

The Lumitact G700 Flashlights, in particular, are made to help those who are in need during an emergency. The multi-purpose tactical flashlight is equipped with different features that can help people survive wherever they are.

Lumitact G700 Features:

  • Made of Aircraft Grade Aluminum- Aircraft grade aluminum means that the flashlight itself is made of the same kind of aluminum that aircrafts use. This is why the Lumitact G700 Military Grade Led Flashlight is one of the sturdiest ones in the market because it makes use of one of the sturdiest types of aluminum.
  • The Bulb has a Life of 100,000 hours- If you are looking for power, then Lumitact has it. The bulb can last for a total of 100,000 hours before burning out. This means that the bulb can last for even more than 4,000 days if you leave it on continuously. Of course, no one is going to leave a bulb on continuously, so you can really expect the bulb to last for years.
  • Makes use of an XM-L T6 Bulb- This type of bulb is manufactured by Cree, the well-known giant in the LED manufacturing industry. The XM-L T6 model is one of the highest quality models that the company has made and it is being used by the G700. This is most likely the reason why the bulb can last so long without burning out.
  • Has Advanced Telescoping Focus- This telescopic focus allows you to zoom in the flashlight’s light into a focused area. If it is really dark, you can concentrate your light into a certain area that you need to examine.
  • Has Tough Outer Structure- Even if you drop the flashlight, you won’t have to worry about it getting too damaged because the outer covering is already very strong.
  • Very Light- The product is also very lightweight. Since it is made of military or aircraft grade aluminum, the material allows it to have minimal weight. This is great for carrying around in your pocket.
  • Has 5 Lighting Modes- There are a total of five different lighting modes that you can choose from when you use the flashlight; these are high, medium, low, SOS, and strobe modes.

Lumitact G700 Military Grade LED Flashlight Light Modes

High– The High Lighting mode is the mode that produces the strongest and brightest light. This is very useful for those who are traveling at night and need a strong light source.

Medium– The Medium Lighting Mode is a little bit weaker than the High Lighting mode but saves up on battery.

Low– The Low Lighting Mode is the weakest of the five different modes but is the mode that conserves the most battery power.

SOS– The SOS Mode is usually used only during emergencies. For example, if you are stuck in the woods, you can shine the SOS signal so that someone nearby can rescue you. In the SOS mode, the flashlight blinks three consecutive times. If a flashlight blinks three times, then people already know it is an SOS signal. After it blinks three times, it will stop for a while and will blink three times again.

Strobe– The last one is the Strobe Mode which is the mode that makes the flashlight blink continuously, kind of like a strobe light that you can see in bars and clubs. The Strobe Mode is used whenever there is a big emergency wherein someone needs help right away. The continuous blinking of the light is for attracting people urgently.

  • Able to Produce 700 Lumens of Power- For those who do not know what Lumens are, they are a unit of measurement used to measure the power or visibility of light produced by a source. The amount of Lumens produced is usually the basis of comparing flashlights. In fact, the product is named G700 because it can produce 700 Lumens of light which is quite a high amount as compared to a lot of flashlights that can be bought in regular stores.
  • Requires 2 AA batteries- In order to get the flashlight running, you will need two AA sized batteries. Since the flashlight requires only two AA batteries, then you won’t have to spend so much. Also, this product does not drain the batteries very fast which means the two batteries that you just bought can last quite a while.

Lumitact G700 Pros:

  • Military or aircraft grade aluminum is used to create the outer covering which makes it very sturdy
  • Is very durable and can last for a very long time
  • Does not take up too much battery power
  • Has SOS and Strobe lights
  • Produces a very powerful light
  • Lightweight
  • Has jagged edges on the front which can be used for self defense

Lumitact G700 Cons:

  • It is quite pricey unless you buy in bulk
  • Jagged edge might cut you if you are not careful
  • Only sold online through an order basis

Lumitact G700 Verdict

Although the Lumitact G700 Military Grade LED Flashlight is quite pricey, it is well worth the money. If you camp, hike, or even hunt a lot, you will find this little tool very useful, especially during the night. Also, this tactical flashlight has more than one purpose. Aside from being a strong source of light, it can also serve as a warning signal and a weapon if needed. Since it is a multipurpose tool, it’s certainly worthwhile to possess. You can compare it to another popular taclight in the X800 Shadowhawk to see how they vary and are similar.

This little flashlight is not only good for people who engage in outdoor sports but also for people who don’t. In the event that a natural disaster like an earthquake or tsunami strikes, this flashlight might be able to save your life during the aftermath. If you are stuck in a collapsed building, it can provide you with a source of light. It can also be used as an SOS so that people can find you during emergency situations.