Prepping for Pennies is a downloadable eBook that promises to teach you how to prepare yourself for any emergency situation without spending a fortune. Here’s our review.

What is Prepping for Pennies?

Prepping for Pennies is an eBook sold online through The eBook, like many other eBooks sold online, comes with an interesting story about how FEMA left the author to die after Hurricane Sandy.

After that hurricane, the author vowed to be better prepared for the next disaster. He decided to learn strategies and tips he could use to defend himself in an emergency. He collected all of these tips into a budget-friendly eBook called Prepping for Pennies.

Like many survival eBooks, Prepping for Pennies comes with a sales pitch designed primarily to convince you that the world is about to end. In fact, the author, Dave Steen, fully admits he’s about to scare you:

“In the next few minutes [of the presentation], I’m going to create panic among even the most respected survivalists.”

So what exactly is Dave’s story? Let’s take a closer look at the reason the eBook was written.

The Story Behind Prepping for Pennies

Before you buy Prepping for Pennies online, you need to sit through a lengthy video presentation (or skip through the text presentation). In that presentation, author Dave Steen explains why he wrote the book.

Dave claims he’s been a survivalist for over 30 years. He created products like Greywolf Survival, Survivalife, and Prepping Plans while also writing for news sites like The Blaze, WND, and Personal Liberty.

A few years ago, Dave was in New York when Hurricane Sandy hit the area. He was disappointed with FEMA’s emergency response, saying that “for one entire week after the hurricane, FEMA was nowhere to be seen”.

Dave claims that the hurricane took FEMA by surprise. They were not expecting Hurricane Sandy to be that bad.

Dave tells a story about walking through New York City after the hurricane like it was a warzone. He claims he stayed inside for nearly a week while his supplies dwindled. Finally, he decided to venture outside to get medicine for his sickly niece.

When he walked outside, he saw a war zone. Children were separated from their parents, lying on the frozen ground. Peoples jaws were “violently blue with cold”. Babies were screaming, people were rioting and burning cars. Dave explains that “the rioting had started as people were sick and tired of waiting for FEMA.”

Dave goes onto explain that, before he left to walk down the street, his six year old niece ran outside to give Dave a water filter. As his niece walked out of the house, six “desperate people” looked at her “like rapid dogs” and sprinted towards her to try to take the water filter.

Dave grabbed his niece and ran, chased “by the screams of the ones who chased me”, he writes. He eventually found an old warehouse.

The seven people continued chasing the pair through the warehouse. They eventually hid behind a bush they were safe.

Dave obviously has a very interesting story to tell about Hurricane Sandy and NYC. Is any of it actually true?

It’s true that there were reports of looting after Hurricane Sandy in New York City. But looting is relatively common after disasters strike anywhere in America.

What about FEMA’s late arrival to New York City? Not really. Most reports we could find online show that FEMA was on the ground in New York City within 48 hours of the hurricane making landfall.

One report we found online says that “within 48 hours of landfall, we had 1,200 people in the field, going door to door in affected neighborhoods of New York City as well as Nassau and Suffolk counties. We put a million shelf-ready meals (including Kosher meals) and a million liters of water at a predesignated supply base ready for distribution by the National Guard and voluntary agencies.”

Overall, Dave’s story seems like a sensationalized account of Hurricane Sandy. Based on firsthand reports from other people who were at the scene, it seems unlikely that seven men would try to hunt down and kill a six year old girl for a water filter just 3 days after a hurricane struck.

It’s also important to note that Dave refuses to tell us his real name. The eBook’s official sales page says “Dave Steen is a pen name” in the fine print at the bottom of the page.

Just because the story is totally fictional doesn’t mean that the information inside is useless. So does Prepping for Pennies really contain valuable information about how you can prepare for disaster scenarios with just “pennies”? Let’s take a look at what you’ll learn.

What Will You Learn in Prepping for Pennies?

Prepping for Pennies teaches you all of the following things about disaster preparedness:

-How to instantly slash your survival cost to pennies using “7 Secret Slasher Techniques” the author learned over 30 years in the prepping world

-How to identify overrated, over-priced survival gear and replace it with cheaper alternatives

-One crucial survival strategy you should ignore if you want to keep your budget low

-How to save thousands while still building a stockpile that lasts a year

-8 parts you can repurpose from an old car to extend their usefulness

-A reliable source of survival funds “that didn’t even cross your mind” (the author claims he and his wife paid for nearly all of their survival efforts using this fund)

-4 ways to stockpile water cheaply

-The best money-saving coupons strategies most preppers haven’t figured out

-How to find free firewood

-What you should look for at garage sales and supermarkets

-A 60 second technique that lets you turn everyday items into functional survival gear without spending a penny

Ultimately, Prepping for Pennies is like a frugal guide for survivalists. It’s being marketed towards people who care about preparing for disasters, but can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars building underground bunkers stocked with food.

Prepping for Pennies Pricing

Prepping for Pennies is priced at $39 USD from the official website.

There is no other place to purchase the eBook online. Your purchase is processed by Software Projects. Once your payment goes through, the eBook will be delivered to your email inbox instantly.

All purchases come with a 60 day refund policy, which is pretty standard in the online eBook world – at least for eBooks sold through Software Projects and ClickBank.

What’s Included with Prepping for Pennies?

Like other eBooks, Prepping for Pennies comes with bonus PDFs that complement the lessons inside. Here are the bonuses that automatically come bundled with your purchase:

-Bonus #1: Making Your Own Survival Equipment: A cheap way to build your own solar panels, get hot water 24/7, and create your own DIY fridge all while following a tight budget.

-Bonus #2: The Schappeller Generator: The Schappeller Generator eBook is a blueprint that teaches you how to build your own electric generator and save 85% off your electricity costs every month.

-Bonus #3: Bug-Out Planning Guide: The Bug-Out Planning Guide contains 52 methods and dirt-cheap items that are more cost-effective alternatives than conventional survival strategies. The author claims you can “spend even 100 times less if you follow 3 simple rules”. He teaches you how to build a “bug-out bag” for pennies compared to what they cost on premium survival gear websites.

Should You Buy Prepping for Pennies?

Prepping for Pennies comes with an interesting story about how a guy witnessed brutal rioting on the streets of New York City in the days following Hurricane Sandy while waiting one week for FEMA to show up. His 6 year old niece was almost killed by a group of men who wanted her water filter.

The story is interesting, but it’s almost certainly made up. Most reports show that FEMA was on the ground in NYC within 48 hours of Hurricane Sandy hitting the coast. There was also some looting, but there aren’t many firsthand accounts similar to what the author (who doesn’t even give us his real name) describes.

This weakens the information in Prepping for Pennies. We don’t know if we’re actually reading the words of a real survival expert who has tested these strategies in the wild – or just some guy who’s read a bunch of online tutorials. When you’re paying $39 for a PDF file, you expect to be reading the words of a genuine survival expert.

Nevertheless, Prepping for Pennies does contain some legitimate cost-saving strategies you can use to prepare for disasters without spending a lot of money. One of the best parts about the book is that it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. So if you don’t like the lessons inside, you can get your money back within 60 days with no questions asked.