Primitive Survivors Review

Primitive Survivors is an outdoor survival gear retailer based entirely online. Here’s our Primitive Survivors review.

What is Primitive Survivors?

Primitive Survivors, found at, is a survival gear retailer that sells dozens of different tactical flashlights, scopes, camping supplies, and other materials you need to survive outdoors or in a hostile environment.

The company sells its products exclusively online. Primitive Survivors products will not be found in any retail stores or outlets.

The store accepts payments with all major credit cards.

In addition to the popular online store, the company operates a survival blog where they teach readers about a variety of survival topics.

Primitive Survivors has been appearing across the internet lately for its lineup of flashlights, including one popular flashlight model called the XT808 available online for a 75% discount.

Primitive Survivors Products

Primitive Survivors separates its products into Backpacks, Camping, Gifts & Accessories, Lights, Optics, and Gifts & Accessories. You can click on any category on the online store to view a list of available products.

Some of the products are manufactured by Primitive Products themselves, although most of the products are manufactured by third party retailers like Under Armor, Rig, and Ribz.


The Backpacks category includes a variety of rugged, large backpacks designed to store pretty much everything you need to survive in the wilderness. Products and prices include:

-Rapid Hydration Pack – $35

-Ribz Front Pack – $65

-Rig 1200 Ballistic Hydration Pack – $179

-Rig 1600 Hydration Pack – $160

-Rover Sling Pack – $35

-Traverse EPS Hunting Pack Realtree – $119.95


The Camping category includes all of the supplies you might need while camping – including a stove, travel mug, tent, and sleeping pads:

-Insulated Static V Recon – $89.95

-Kenai Sleeping Bag with Moisture Wicking Liner – $159.99

-Orange Sparkie Firestart – $9.99

-Rimrock 2 Person Tent – $77.99

-Titanium Travel Mug – $30.95

-Titanium Triad Stove – $29.95

Gifts & Accessories

This category includes a variety of watches, headsets, wallets, lighters, and other tools:

-Christmas Tactical Stocking – $24.95

-Under Armour Igniter 2.0 Gray Lens – $89.99

-Smith & Wesson Military Watch – $31.95

-Humvee Recon Digital Watch, OD Nylon Strap, OD Dial – $40.95

-Folding Impact Sport Electronic Earmuff – $77.95

-High Polish Stainless Steel Flash – $13.95

-Mil-Wafer Slim Tri-Fold Wallet – $24

-Turboflame Military – $24

-Turboflame Vflame – $28


Primitive Survivors may be best-known for its large selection of flashlights and headlamps. Some of the company’s flashlights have recently been featured online as part of 75% off discount offers. Flashlights include:

-5.11 SR H3 Headlamp – $74.99

-5.11 TMT L2 Flashlight – $84.99

-Gerber Infinity LED Light – $28.36

-Nitecore MT1C Flashlight – $40.95

-Pocket Mini-XT700 Flashlight with Rechargeable Battery Pack – $17.95

-TL900 LED Headlamp – $59

-XT808 LED Flashlight – $56

The XT808 LED Flashlight, available for $56, is part of that 75% off discount coupon that’s been making the rounds online. Although 75% off sounds like a great deal, we’ve found that the flashlight is always sold at a price of $56 and that it’s never been sold at its supposed $200+ price tag – so don’t be fooled into thinking you’re getting some exclusive deal through Primitive Survivors.


The Optics category includes scopes and telescopic lenses designed to help you see things from a long distance away. Products include:

-10-30X21 Echo Zoom Monocular – $56.99

-10×25 Green Alpen Monocular – $24.95

-10×25 Green Rubber Armored Alpen Binoculars – $42

-12×30 Humvee Telescope – $35.95

You can fill up your card online and pay using any major credit card. You can view the Primitive Survivors return policy here:

About Primitive Survivors

The Primitive Survivors About Us page claims that the company “was founded with the idea of satisfying every man, woman, or child’s primal side.”

In order to that, the company began to offer “top quality products that’ll help you with your outdoor adventures”, including camping trips, backpacking trips, or tragic circumstance that leave you outside in the woods fighting for survival.

In addition to the company’s online store, they operate a blog that tackles different survival topics, like “Sun Navigation Tips” and “5 Survival Myths You Should Not Believe”. You can find the blog at the main page at

You can get in touch with the company by going through the online support found form here: