Who says emergency lighting has to be bland or utilitarian? Certainly not Rely a Light, who adds a touch of elegance to redundant lighting systems with their wide range of designer lamps.

Rely a light offers an innovative solution to the age old problem of blackouts and unexpected power outages. Not only does Rely a Light offer a reliable, automatic response emergency lighting system, it does it in style.

In this article we’ll take an in depth look at the Rely a Light range, find out about the origins of the company, and help you decide whether Rely a Light provides good value for money.

What is Rely a Light?

When there’s an unexpected power outage and you lose electricity and lighting in your home, all sorts of hazards can occur. Usually in the event of a blackout most householders reach for a candle- but this can be dangerous.

Thirty-three percent of all home fires are started by unattended candles. Rely a Light uses patented LED technology to keep families safe when the power goes out. With Rely a Light, there’s no more fumbling around for flashlights in the dark or searching for candles.

The Rely a Light system has more applications than just an emergency light, however.

The base of each Rely a Light lamp also contains a built in USB charger and battery that recharges while the power is still active, meaning that in the event of a power emergency Rely a Light owners are still able to charge their phones and stay in contact with loved ones.

The Rely a Light will turn on automatically in the case of a power outage with no need for human interaction- as soon as your house lights go out, rely a light will switch on, illuminating dark rooms with a bright LED light available in multiple color options.

The Rely a Light range is also available in a huge range of different designs, finishes and patterns, with plans to incorporate a changeable lampshade element for even more customization options.

How Does Rely a Light Work?

While the power to your house is connected and working normally, the Rely a Light lamp functions as a normal, albeit fashionable and well designed, table lamp.

During a normal power period the lamp will draw power to recharge the internal battery, which takes roughly twenty four hours to charge from empty to full.

When the lights go out, Rely a Light activates automatically, and enables the USB charging port for powering phones and USB devices.

The emergency light component of the Rely a Light uses an internal battery to power the LED, and is capable of sustaining illumination for up to sixteen hours.

The battery is rated for several years usage, but if you need to replace the battery Rely a Light will require you to ship the lamp to them for replacement, as opening the Rely a Light to change the battery yourself will void the warranty.

The normal table lamp bulb uses regular old incandescent light bulbs you can purchase at any shop, but also works with incandescent bulbs or LED light bulbs.

Note that changing the light bulb for the normal lamp component is easy to do and doesn’t involve opening up the Rely a Light, which won’t void the warranty.

If you like, the emergency lighting function of the Rely a Light can also be disabled as often as you desire, so if you’d like to move the lamp around the house it won’t turn on automatically when you unplug it from the wall.

All Rely a Light lamps come shatter resistant as standard, so if the Rely a Light lamp encounters an unfortunate or unexpected fall it won’t immediately break into pieces.

Rely a Light lamps come with an inline power switch integrated into a six foot cord, and is compatible with light bulbs up to 100W.

The Rely a Light Success Story

The Founder of Rely a Light, Russie C. Jones of Kentucky, US, came up with the idea for Rely a Light in 2009 during one of the worst ice storms in recorded history.

Jones was living with her husband and her father who suffered from Alzheimer’s, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and a chronic lung condition, and required reliable medical attention at all times.

Jones’s father needed oxygen 24 hours a day, and the impending storm was threatening to cut off the power to the family home.

During the ice storm, Jones’s father got out of bed during the outage to investigate the sudden disconnection of his television set and became entangled in his medical apparatus, falling over.

Jones’s father was thankfully alright, but it led Jones to wonder what could be done to prevent such events from occurring in future.

Over the next six days, while waiting for the power to be reconnected, Jones put the idea for the Rely a Light together with her family over the kitchen table.

The first prototype for the Rely a Light was created by Jones’s husband out of components found in the garage, using his extensive experience in electrical contracting and electrical configuration.

The Jones family designed their product to be the perfect combination of form and function. A childhood friend of the Jones family thought up the catchy name, and in 2012 Opal Group LLC, the company name behind Rely a Light, was founded.

Jones’s mother in law was the creator of the company slogan- “Blackouts turn me on!”, and in the first 7 weeks of trading Opal Group LLC had closed over $8000 US in sales, building and shipping their first 280 lights from the garage of their family home.

By the end of 2013, Rely a Light had sold over $81,000 in lamps, and by the end of the 2014 financial year Opal Group LLC had closed over $360,000 in Rely a Light sales.

As of February 2015 Rely a Light sold $240,000 after opening a commercial-grade fulfillment center, and they’re aiming for $3 million in sales by the end of 2016, having successfully created a multi-million dollar business.

Rely a Light Pricing & Availability

Rely a Light Lamps are available for order via the Rely a Light website, and via various retailers within the US such as Sharper Image, Sam’s Club, Kohl’s and more.

Rely a Light lamp pricing begins at $129.99 for their ‘Dawn’ model. If you’re looking for an elegant, chic lamp with emergency lighting and phone charging functions to protect your family in the event of a power outage, Rely a Light is definitely the reliable choice.