The Survival Grenade is a unique new survival equipment kit. Find out what you get inside – and how much it costs – today in our review.

What is a Survival Grenade?

A Survival Grenade is basically a bunch of survival gear wrapped tightly inside a rope to form a grenade-like shape. You can loop that grenade onto a clip or stuff it into a backpack. Just like that, you have instant access to 15 pieces of survival equipment.

Whether you’re calling it “a” survival grenade or the Survival Grenade (the website calls it “a survival grenade”), you’ll find it offered online through, which recently launched a promotion for a free Survival Grenade.

Like most things on the internet, that Survival Grenade isn’t totally free: it’s priced at $7 USD (USA) or $9.95 (international) for shipping. You also get a bunch of survival guides (in downloadable PDF form delivered to your inbox) immediately after purchase.

The offer is available around the world, including in the United States, Canada, Australia, the UK, and most parts of the EU.

What’s Included with your Survival Grenade?

So what’s actually inside the Survival Grenade? As mentioned above, the small, compact package features 15 different pieces of survival equipment, including all of the following:

-9 feet of paracord (rope)


-2.25 inch scalpel

-Alcohol preparation pad

-3 fishing hooks (1 small, two large)

-2 fishing floats

-2 fishing weights

-Fishing line

-2 jigs

-2 safety pins



-Aluminum Foil (1 square foot)

-Ferro rod Firestarter


That’s it! that’s the 15 pieces of survival equipment. Obviously, it’s enough to get a survival plan started. It’s a good idea to take one of these camping or hunting. Others may want to keep it in their vehicles just in case.

Whatever the situation may be, the grenade helps you start a fire, catch fish, clean wounds, and perform other survival-related tasks.

You also get three downloadable eBooks with your Survival Grenade purchase.

What Are the Three Survival eBooks?

After you purchase your Survival Grenade, you’ll get three downloadable PDF eBooks delivered to your email inbox. Those eBooks cover general survival topics and specific survival skills. Here’s a brief overview of each eBook:

-30 Day Survival Training: If you need to survive in the wilderness for 30 days, then this guide promises to help. “This guide covers everything from shelter, fire, food, water, self-defense and more”, according to the cover.

-Wild Scavenger Training: A few thousand years ago, all of us had to scavenge for food to keep us alive. This eBook promises to teach you these essential skills so you can live off the land wherever you go.

-Plan B Defense Training: This is a guide that teaches you various self-defense techniques. The author of the book cautions that “the moves and techniques should only be used as a last resort to save your life”.

Survival Grenade Pricing

The Survival Grenade is priced at two different rates depending on your location:

-United States: $6.95 USD

-International: $9.95 USD

Note: the grenade is advertised as being “free”. The prices above are officially for “shipping”. The shipping covers the costs of the Survival Grenade. The eBooks are delivered to your inbox with no shipping fees required.

All purchases are processed through Clickbank, the well-known downloadable eBook retailer. You can pay using any major credit card or PayPal through the secure online form.

Who Makes the Survival Grenade?

The Survival Grenade is made by a company named Ape Survival, found online at That company can be reached using the online form found here. If you have any problems or questions about your order, you’re encouraged to use that online form. features various offers on the inner pages of the website. The front page of the website, however, deals mostly with survival-related topics. The blog is updated every week.

Some of the recent topics covered by Ape Survival include, “Caring for your Cast Iron Cookware”, “How to Create Your Own Seed Bank”, and “How to Make Your Own Rope”.

Just like the eBooks mentioned above, it’s a collection of topics that cater mostly to survivalists and outdoor enthusiasts. Categories include Prepping, Self-Defense, and Survival Skills.

Should You Buy the Survival Grenade?

The Survival Grenade is a unique product offered through Although the product is advertised as “free”, the final cost will be $7 for US residents and $10 for international residents. That price officially covers “shipping”.

Your purchase also comes with three downloadable PDF eBooks delivered immediately to your inbox. These eBooks cover various survival-related topics.

If you’re looking for an easy way to carry out valuable survival gear wherever you go, then the Survival Grenade may be the perfect purchase for you – or for the survivalist in your life.