Survive the End Days Review

Survive the End Days is a recently-released package of downloadable eBooks that promises to teach you the skills you need to survive the apocalypse. Here’s our review.

What is Survive the End Days?

Survive the End Days is a set of downloadable eBooks available exclusively online. These eBooks promise to teach you the survival lessons you need to get through Armageddon, the apocalypse, the end days, or whatever you want to call the end of the world as we know it.

The book argues that Christian scripture has foretold these end times. Most of the warning signs outlined in scripture have already been seen: thus, Christians like the author of Survive the End Days believe that we’re only a few weeks, months, or years from experiencing the end of the world as we know it.

In fact, the author argues that starting on January 1, 2017, Obama, Vladimir Putin, and God himself are teaming up to attack America. I’m not joking.

Is the End of the World Really Around the Corner?

Survive the End Days is targeted towards people who believe Armageddon is around the corner. With that in mind, Survive the End Days tells you about a story where Obama, the American government, and Christian church leaders are “engaged in a massive cover-up” and have all become part of “a secret sinister pact”.

That pact? These leaders have all agreed to hide from the public “the most terrible warning” encrypted in the Bible.

That warning tells us that the end of the world as we know it will occur in 2016:

“according to the final chapters of the Bible – Obama will not finish his second term…He is the 44th and last President of the US.”

I won’t go into too much detail about this “prophecy” here, because it’s something you’ll either believe or you won’t. But basically, Survive the End Days argues that four biblical leaders foretold that Obama would be the last president of America. Those four biblical leaders are John the Apostle, Jeremiah, Isaiah, and Ezekiel.

To give you an idea of how kooky the eBook’s author is, there’s this line on the front page:

“Does it not seem odd to you that America, the richest and the most powerful country today, the only country who has liberated other nations from evil, the greatest evangelical nation on the earth, IS NOT EVEN MENTIONED IN THE BIBLE?”

Why would a 2000 year old religious text mention a country that was formed thousands of years in the future? I don’t know. But these are just the beginnings of many ridiculous historical inaccuracies and exaggerations we see in Survive the End Days.

Like I said, you’ll either believe it or you won’t. And if you’re the type of person who believes in Survive the End Days, then you stopped reading our review long ago.

In any case, on January 1st, 2017, “God’s wrath will bestow upon our lands with great vengeance.” So with that in mind, you have to prepare yourself and your family.

What’s Included in Survive the End Days?

Survive the End Days promises to teach you how you, an American Christian, can survive the end of times that Obama will unleash upon America starting on January 1, 2017.

Some of the lessons covered in the eBook include:

-All of the simple things you can do to shield your electronics from an EMP (Survive the End Days believes that Putin is preparing to unleash a wave of EMPs across America starting in 2017)

-The only items you need to survive after an EMP strike

-How to prevent your food and medicine from spoiling even if you don’t have a fridge

-The 7 must-have medical supplies that will help you survive any disaster (like tactical flashlights and other practical tools/gadgets)

-How to keep your family hidden and safe when an EMP strikes in order to prevent looters and invaders from taking you out

-A “How to Survive the Next Nuclear Attack” eBook that debunks common myths about nuclear attacks, how to react in the first hours of a nuclear attack to minimize radiation poisoning, and how to turn your home into an atomic shelter, among other survival lessons

-A “Chemical Wars Survival Guide” eBook that explains how to identify different chemical weapons, how to survive a gas attack, and how to use household supplies to fight back against some of the chemical weapons that Putin and Obama are preparing to unleash upon America in 2017

Survive the End Days Pricing

Survive the End Days is priced at $39.

If paying $39 for a set of PDFs feels expensive to you, then consider that the author thought about charging $197 or more for the package – only to realize that “money will become useless when Babylon America falls”, so he nicely reduced the price to $39 as a “way of repenting for any sins I have committed in my life.” That’s incredibly nice of him.

In fact, the author claims that your $39 fee is simply to help keep the website running so more people can learn of the upcoming apocalypse. He doesn’t actually want to make any money from you.

Fortunately for you, all purchases come with a 60 day money back guarantee. You can receive a full refund within 60 days of making your purchase with no questions asked.

Note: You can get a big discount on Survive the End Days by clicking the “back” button a few times before you order. The first time you click the back button and stay on the page, you’ll receive a 30% discount to $27. The second time you hit the back button, you’ll receive a 50% discount to $19.50. The price won’t drop any further.

Who Wrote Survive the End Days?

Survive the End Days was written by a self-described “fervent Christian” named Nathan Shepard.

Nathan claims he has spent 17 years of his life studying the ancient scriptures. Today, he works as a pastor and teacher at “one of the largest universities in New Haven, Connecticut.”

His background includes a doctorate degree in theology and the history of religion. He claims that God wanted him to stumble upon the truth he reveals in Survive the End Days (he specifically calls it “divine prophecy”).

In any case, there are a handful of major universities in New Haven, including Yale, University of New Haven, Quinnipiac University, and Southern Connecticut State University.

None of these universities have any record of a Nathan Shepard serving in any position.

Maybe Nathan Shepard is a pseudonym. Or maybe he’s making everything about himself up.

In any case, you can get in touch with the author by emailing