Survive World War III Review – Must Have?

Survive World War III is a new survivalist-training program that promises to help anyone prepare for the “inevitability” of World War III. Here’s our review.

What is Survive World War III?

Survive World War III is an eBook that comes wrapped up in some fear-mongering sales copy. The eBook repeatedly emphasizes that World War III is just around the corner, and that smart people today are preparing for their own survival.

The author cites reasons like “militant Islam” and “Russian hostility” as evidence that World War III is only a few years away.

With that in mind, Survive World War III calls itself the “ultimate survival program”. It’s a guide that will teach you a variety of survivalist strategies – including how to link up with other survivors after a catastrophe, how to gather food, and how to build a shelter from the ruins of civilization. It’s heavy stuff.

Let’s dig a little deeper into the content offered in Survive World War III.

What’s Included in Survive World War III?

Survive World War III promises to teach you all of the skills and knowledge you need to stay safe, sheltered, healthy, and well fed in any emergency situation. It’s designed to help you stay self-sufficient at a time when you won’t be able to rely on other people, the government, or stores to come to your aid.

Some of the things included in the program:

How to Develop a 100% Foolproof Survival Plan:

“This is the most immediate action you need to take right now”. The guide shows you how to plan ahead for yourself and your family, including how to respond to different disasters and catastrophes. Survive World War III promises to help you create a plan for any major catastrophe situation, including an escape plan or finding shelter and necessities.

How to Find and Store Supplies:

“When war comes to your home…the daily resources you now take for granted will be scarce.” With that in mind, the author promises to show you how to find everything you need to survive – medical supplies, food, water, clothes, and other bare essentials. He also shows “simple but smart hacks” to store your supplies safely and keep them away from other survivors. He also emphasizes that he shows you how to get these supplies without resorting to looting or stealing.

How to Link Up With Other Survivors:

“Don’t expect to simply link up with the first survivor you see.” The author will explain how to link up with the right survivors. In a world where it’s every man for himself, strangers can’t always be trusted. The book contains a checklist on how to analyze each survivor or group of people you meet.

Smart Responses to Disasters:

The book explains how to find shelter, how to stay warm during winter, how to generate backup energy, and how to maintain communication with others. This advice is catered towards disasters that may occur next week, and disasters that could occur after a World War III scenario.

How to Combat Hazards:

When all of the things you take for granted are taken away from you, you’re going to face hazards. The survival guide is written with the expectation that you’re a city person with limited outdoor survival skills, so you can go from survival newbie to survival expert simply by reading through the guide.

First Aid Crash Course:

Good first aid skills can save your life and the lives of others. This crash course in first aid teaches you the same basics you’d learn in a real-world first aid course.

There’s also a collection of other tips and tricks that explain how to deal with many other situations you could encounter during the apocalypse.

Why is World War III Coming?

The central argument of Survive World War III is that World War III is just around the corner. The author actually cites a specific number of reasons why the end is near, including:

-Russian hostility

-China and Japan territorial disputes

-Sino-Japanese War (a war between China and Japan is inevitable with all of the territorial disputes)

-America’s responsibility (“a war only becomes a World War when the United States gets involved”, believes the author, so America will inevitably get involved in a global conflict)

-Dangerous alliances (security pacts force nations to enter wars to defend allies)

-Iran’s threatening stance

-Global recession

Oddly enough, the author of Survive World War III also cites the following as evidence that World War III is coming:

“I have uncovered that the words of the prophets have come historical facts, and our current events are severely linked to the Bible prophecies.”

In any case, anyone with a basic understanding of global politics knows that if World War III does happen, it’s likely to be over in a few minutes and leave the entire world in ruin. But if you believe the author of Survive World War III, then not only is WW3 inevitable, but it’s something that you can survive with a little bit of preparation.

The author of Survive World War III is so sure that war is coming, in fact, that he claims “there is not a one tenth of one percent chance that this war is not going to happen.”

Survive World War III Pricing

Survive World War III is priced at $39 USD.

After paying that fee online, you’ll receive a download link to the Survive World War III PDF in your email.

If that price sounds high to you, then consider that the author initially “didn’t want to charge for the program”. However, they ended up charging a price because they wanted people to take the program seriously.

Who Wrote Survive World War III?

Who is the author and how is he authorized to teach all of this? The book was created by a guy who calls himself Christopher Maverick. However, you’ll learn in the book that the author wishes to keep his identity private, so Christopher Maverick is a pen-name.

Chris partnered with “survival expert and navy veteran, Austin Crane” to design the ultimate survival program. Chris calls Austin his “go-to survival expert” and claims that he has developed a professional set of skills and knowledge over the course of his career with the navy.

Chris describes himself as a “true and devoted Christian”. The Survive World War III eBook features numerous references to Bible verses, scripture, and other religious stuff. In fact, the very top of the Survive World War III sales page features the following:

“This world is hearing and seeing the last warning message from God. The Trinity Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision; for the day of the Lord is near in the valley of decision! (Joel 3:14)”

Clearly, Chris believes that God is warning us that the end is near, and smart Christians have already started to prepare. Anyways, you don’t have to be Christian to enjoy the lessons in Survive World War III, but it may help understand where Chris’s viewpoints are coming from.

Once again, Chris is a pen name, so it’s impossible to investigate his background or credentials. However, he does not claim to be any type of survival expert or military specialist.

Should You Use Survive World War III to Survive the Apocalypse?

Whether you call it the apocalypse, Armageddon, or the end of times, the writers of Survive World War III clearly believe that the end is nigh.

If you share this viewpoint, then it’s in your best interests to be prepared. Survive World War III is a legitimate downloadable course that helps to protect yourself and your family. It’s advice that you can find for free on many survivalist-style websites, but it’s all gathered conveniently in one place for you to read.

Survive World War III also frequently calls itself an “investment”. You’re investing in your future and the health of your family. If you feel like you need to equip yourself with survival skills to prepare for a disaster, then Survive World War III may be exactly what you’re looking for.