Surviving the Final Bubble Review

Surviving the Final Bubble is a program that gives consumers the skills they need to survive an economic collapse. This is our review.

What is Surviving the Final Bubble?

Financial security is a growing concern amongst Americans, which is mostly due to the debt that the country has accumulated through the years. With job security hanging in the balance during the presidential elections, you may be nervous about your future and retirement. While an accountant is fairly expensive, there are many self-motivated programs that help you build up your financial security. Surviving the Final Bubble is such a program.

The reason this program was conceived in the first place is due to the theories of Charles Hayek. According to his estimates, the United States is looking at enduring a major banking collapse within this year. While you can attempt to research Hayek’s claims, there is no information about him on any website, except for ones that review this product.

Hayek tells consumers that major banks will be the victims of this collapse, which creates a sense of urgency about purchasing the product. Due to these estimates, he was able to create a guide that helps consumers prepare for the worst, without losing everything they have.

According to the makers of this program, one of the biggest appeal is how easy the program is to follow. The program is designed to work for anyone, giving you control over your future in a more concrete way. By giving you control, you are able to get better peace of mind over the current state of your finances, clearing away the stress that money often causes.

What Surviving the Final Bubble Teaches You

The whole point of this program is to teach you necessary skills that will come in handy, if Hayek’s predictions are true. According to the website, one of the first things you will learn is to “lead and create a strong community.” This lesson implies that the economic collapse he’s predicted will have a high enough severity that the consumer will somehow need to become a leader in the process.

The guide is also designed to teach you how to protect your friends and loved ones, but it is unclear if this protection keeps them from losing money or from losing their life.

Another way that Surviving the Final Bubble helps to prepare you for the worst is by teaching you about investing in silver and preventing scams. This preparation is a little ironic, since there is no information listed online or in the description about why Hayek is predicting the collapse at all.

According to the description, you do not need to be experiencing a financial crisis at all to reap the benefits. The program is able to give you helpful information that can impact your financial situation now, preparing you for a safe future.

Many of the techniques and skills described are not just for a full economic failure. The book instructs you on which techniques are designed for daily use, which help to improve your current financial situation as well.

Pricing for Surviving the Final Bubble

The price of the Surviving the Final Bubble package is only $22.20, which gets you the original book with a lot of bonus materials. These products can be returned for a full refund within 60 days, if you are not satisfied with the results of the program.

The first thing you get is the main guide. This is the book that will show you many different methods for regaining your financial security, as described above.

As far as bonus materials, the other supplies you will receive are Secrets to Sanitation After SHTF, which is a report that guides the consumer how to eliminate toxic chemicals in their home and surroundings. According to the company, it also teaches you about using hygiene products, which doesn’t seem like a necessary lesson.

Contacting the Makers of Surviving the Final Bubble

If you need to speak with someone at Surviving the Final Bubble, you will need to enter your name and email in the fill-in form online. You will receive a reply via email, but there is no information about how long it will take to receive a reply.


Surviving the Final Bubble is a program that is all about maintaining your financial security and safety, even during the banking crisis that Hayek has predicted for 2016. Even if you don’t believe in the crisis, you can still benefit from the skills that are described.

The only aspect that should make consumers cautious is the lack of information given about Hayek and his claims, in spite of the fact that his theory is why the program is even in place. Additionally, there is no direct way to contact the company, which may prevent you from actively pursuing a refund, if needed.