The Systematic Survival Guide is a program designed to help you break free from the control of the system. It’s a full course to teach you about how to survive in an emergency situation. Read this review to find out about the Systematic Survival Guide.

What is the Systematic Survival Guide?

The basic premise of the Systematic Survival Guide is that everyone is a slave to the system and need to learn how to break free. It’s also about survival, and teaches you how to take care of your family in times of stress. You’ll learn about how to find your own food and water. Also, you’ll find out about making your own shelter. The methods in the Systematic Survival Guide are designed to give you the tools you need to safeguard your family.

How Does the Systematic Survival Guide Work?

The Systematic Survival Plan is backed by scientific fact. It’s backed by very real and hard science. There has been a lot of testing that goes into creating this product. And it is approved by people who’ve actually survived through crisis situation. The focus of the system is for you to go through complete lifestyle changes. They claim, as long as you are committed, the system will work for you.

You get instant access to the program as soon as you purchase it. You’ll get access to all the bonuses and original system as well. You can view and use the system on a laptop, desktop, iPad, iPod, iPhone, or any type of Android operating system device. You click a button and then you have everything at your disposal and easy to use.

If there are any problems, you can email support. They are very accessible and they are constantly updating the program. They make it very easy for everyone to use and gain access to the program. As they put it, the system is literally grandma proof.

What Do You Get with the Systematic Survival Guide?

The systematic survival guide has a full range of modules, designed to help you take care of your family in times of panic and stress. There is the systematic survival plan which is the basic formula and training about how to take care of your family.

Then there is the survivor’s blueprint community. This is a private community of survival specialists who are looking to interact with one another and share tips about how to survive. You’ll talk to other specialists and get specific coaching on how to take care of your family in the time of a crisis situation. Every 30 days a new module will be released that will teach you about the latest strategies and tactics that have to do with survival.

Other items within the program include the systematic survival plan, audio course. The H2O hydrogen power course. The Guaranteed Gas Savers and the Frost Zone Freedom Fighter courses. Along with those, you get the doomsday self-defense tactics course, the heat holocaust survivor course and the systematic survival battle plan video.

What Does the Systematic Survival Guide Cost?

You get the entire system for only $47. And that includes all the modules, the updates and any content that will be released thereafter. The Systematic Survival Guide seems like a very good deal for people to use. You can download the system 24 hours a day and if at any time you’re not happy with the Systematic Survival Guide, you can get your money back. The money back guarantee is good for the first 60 days.

They claim if you’re not completely thrilled with the information within the guide, they will give you your money back no questions asked. It generally takes about 3-4 business days to get your money back after a refund.

They accept all major credit cards for payment. They also accept PayPal and use a discretionary purchase receipt on your bank statement. You’ll simply see a CLICKBANK.COM charge, that will show up on your bank statement. It’s been designed to be completely secretive and discreet. They care about your privacy, according to the creators of the system.

What Do Customers Say About the Systematic Survival Guide?

They do make a claim that the expressions within the guide are for informational purposes only and are not necessarily the views of people at Click Bank. That’s most likely just a technical legality to remove Click Bank from any liabilities.

According to other reviews, the Systematic Survival Guide is a very real and workable program. It’s designed to help you in more ways than just a crisis situation. It will help you prepare for these situations before they happen.


  • It will help you prepare for critical, crisis type situations
  • The program will teach you how to live off the grid completely
  • Will give you more confidence to help your family if society collapses
  • Will show you what can happen if power goes out and you have to live off the grid
  • Will teach you how to make your own power in several ways
  • Will teach you how to be safe in times of distress


  • Only available online for digital download, not offered in hard copy at all

Systematic Survival Guide Review Summary

They claim it is an amazing program and great for anyone. According to the other reviews, yes, you should use the Systematic Survival Guide. It appears to be a very real program with very real training that will help you save your family when the time calls for it.