Target Focus Training Survival Pack

The world seems to be getting more and more violent. While it seems like society should be getting more evolved when it comes to violence, the fact remains that it feels like violence is happening on larger scales every day. However, the scary part about violence isn’t that it’s happening more frequently and affecting more people, it’s that it seems to be happening to ordinary people more and more.

Whether it’s going to a movie theater or the mall, walking out to the car or even sitting at home, violence seems to be invading the lives of the ordinary. And it is this fact that truly terrifies people. After all, it’s important to protect oneself, as well as the lives of friends and family.

These insights are the same ones Tim Larkin had and addressed in his book How to Survive the Most Critical 5 Seconds of Your Life. This book was the foundation for Target Focus Training, or TFT. This system for self-defense has become one of the most sought after guides on how to protect and thrive in this increasingly violent world.

What is Target Focus Training?

Target Focus Training is a scientifically proven system of self-defense that allows users to stop attackers by inflicting painful injuries. This is done by defending smart, not strong. By using intuitive movements, even the smallest or most out of shape user can cause serious harm to an attacker.

Target Focus Training uses methods that are simple and easy to learn, so even those who have never had experience with self-defense can learn them. And, despite the ease in which Target Focus Training, the moves and techniques taught by the system are extremely effective. In fact, Tim Larkin, the creator of Target Focus Training, claims that these moves are used by the military as well as government agencies.

As already mentioned, Target Focus Training was created by Tim Larkin, who is a well-known expert in the self-defense and close combat training world. For the last 20 years, Larkin has trained military Special Forces and law enforcement units. These groups include the US Navy Seals, US Border Patrol, and Army Special Forces.

While Tim Larkin is known by experts in the self-defense industry, more recently he began taking on clients who wanted to learn how to defend themselves in the same manner. So, he created a series of DVDs and, combined with live training sessions, began taking on civilian and corporate clients. Noticing how effective this training method was for these civilians, Larkin decided to offer his methods to the general population.

Now, the DVDs and instructional videos and eBooks that make up Target Focus Training are available for anyone who wants to learn how to protect themselves. These methods cover everything, from self-defense in life or death situations to self-defense in the cutthroat world of business and commerce.

What Makes Target Focus Training Unique?

So many self-defense courses only examine one or two aspects of the self-defense process. Tim Larkin created Target Focus Training to be more of a self-protection system instead of a self-defense system. This means that instead of just focusing on the violent part of self-defense, Larkin focuses on the entire protection spectrum. This includes teaching users how to be more aware of their environments, recognizing potentially dangerous situations before they become dangerous.

Target Focus Training also walks through ways of avoiding violent situations, making this become a second habit for users, so they can do this avoidance instinctively. Finally, Target Focus Training teaches how to protect users, to the point where if they have to kill an attacker, this system will teach them how to do so. While this may sound extreme to some people, the violence of the times has forced people to be able to defend themselves against it. And, just like violence now days is extreme, so are these self-protection measures.

Finally, what really sets Target Focus Training apart from other systems on the market is that it doesn’t just focus on the physical aspect of self-defense. Tim Larkin recognizes that self-defense starts in the mind, not the body. So, to make this system completely effective, he teaches users how to use their mind to survive violent situations. Not only will he train participants on how to defend themselves, he will also help them strengthen their will so that they’re able to take action when the time arises.

The goal of Target Focus Training is that once the training is completed, participants will be able to act instinctively if they need to protect themselves.

What is the Target Focus Training Survival Pack?

For those who are ready to start learning how to defend themselves and their families, the best place to start is with the Target Focus Training Survival Pack. This pack contains all the core material from Tim Larkin’s entire training program. It includes five crucial parts of the self-protect system and is the perfect place for those interested in this method to begin.

The first thing included in the Target Focus Training Survival Pack is the core training videos. These videos contain two and a half hours of intense and critical information for those wanting to learn how to protect themselves. Users can watch these videos online or download them onto an electronic device so they can watch it on the go.

Videos 1 and 2 in the core videos go over the different definitions of violence as well as how dealing with this type of violence is often a life or death situation. Videos 3 through 7 focus on targeting for injury. These videos usually take about two days to work through and they should be gone over thoroughly, since they make up a huge part of the Target Focus Training.

Finally, the eighth video in the core training ties everything in the past seven videos together. It shows users how to go non-functional, putting all the lessons gone over above into practice.

The second and third things included in Target Focus Training Survival Pack is Tim Larkin’s book How to Survive the Most Critical 5 Seconds of Your Life. In the survival pack, this books comes as both a PDF download as well as an audiobook. By offering this book in both a readable and a listenable form, Larkin makes sure that every single person can access this information in a form that resonates best with them.

Finally, the third and fourth things included in the Target Focus Training Survival Pack are a 70 minute question and answer session with Target Focus Training instructors and three bonus videos. The question and answer session, given by master Target Focus Training instructors, can be downloaded in MP3 form and listened to on the go or at home.

The three bonus training videos are an extra bonus only available currently. The first video is called Exploring Injury: Lower Margin of the Ribcage. As suggested by its name, it goes over how to target ‘soft spots’ on the body. The second video is called Minimum Training for Maximum Effect. This video is perfect for those who are short on time, but still want to get all the benefits of Target Focus Training. In this video, users will also get to watch instructors of Target Focus Training practice.

Finally, the third video offered in this bonus is called The Tueller Drill: Why Your Gun is Useless at Close Range. So many people think that by carrying a gun, they’re completely safe. Unfortunately, this is not true. Tim Larkin breaks down this myth and explains the shocking truth about fighting in close range, all supported by scientific evidence.

Purchasing Target Focus Training Survival Pack

Usually, all the items described above would cost $313. However, now, Target Focus Training is offering these products for a one-time, low price of $27. Customers can purchase the survival pack on the Target Focus Training website and download their material immediately, since everything is digital in this pack. We would also encourage you to check out our tactical flashlight guide on one of the best tools and devices to have in a time of crisis or emergency.

With the purchase of the Target Focus Training Survival Pack comes Tim Larkin’s one year satisfaction guarantee. If users aren’t getting the results they want, they can return the product within a year and get a full refund, no questions asked.