VA Benefits Survival Guide is an e-book that helps to educate veterans on what they need to do to get claims approved, rather than risking denial. This is our review.

What is the VA Benefits Survival Guide?

Thousands of veterans are currently living in the United States, but an unfortunate percentage of those veterans are unable to get the benefits they deserve.

After serving in the military for any amount of time, it is hard enough to come back and adjust to the ways of the average American citizen, but that can be hard without the right support.

Many veterans become exhausted with fighting for benefits, since they simply don’t have access to the information they need. Luckily, the author of the VA Benefits Survival Guide has made it much easier to go through the process.

The VA Benefits Survival Guide helps veterans get through the process a bit easier, showing consumers step-by-step the path to approval at a much faster speed. The program centers around ten different lessons and tricks to getting approval fast.

In fact, the website claims that you will be able to get up to $2,858 a month, skipping the VA altogether.

You will learn how to get free clothing and computers, along with other things that are necessary in your daily life. The guide has simple tools for obtaining these well-deserved benefits.

Once you have dedicated years or even decades of your life to the well-being of the country, you deserve to be taken care of as well.

The author heavily focuses on how the government doesn’t want you to be able to get the benefits you truly deserve, since it means they have to spend more money.

The VA maintains their own resources by making the process difficult, which is a challenge that you can endure with the right tools.

How the VA Benefits Survival Guide Works

The whole premise of the program is based on the author’s claim that you can “beat” the system with ten different steps to guide you through the process. He divides the secrets into two different sections, making your plan easier to organize.

The first part of the process involves getting your claims approved at a faster speed, rather than waiting months for a simple approval or denial of benefits. If you want approval quickly, you need to have the following information, which the program will tell you how to:

  • Get your military records, and all of the supporting evidence of your service
  • Create a case for yourself, which includes a piece of paper that will be the key to your results
  • Prove your “boots on the ground,” regardless of your vet status
  • Set up your eBenefits account online
  • Create a claim that will make it impossible to deny your request
  • Avoid the appeal process, while still changing any denial you receive
  • Speed up the decision-making process on your claims

During the second part of the process, the author will teach you how to get claims approved, even after they’ve been denied. There are three parts to this approval, and the author promises to teach you:

  • How to understand the language used by the VA
  • Where to find the court records of cases that have been won, which will help you with your own case
  • How to find the right legal representative, if your case requires you to spend time in court

Using this knowledge, over 50,000 veterans have been able to get the benefits they deserve.

Pricing for the VA Benefits Survival Guide

While there are many comments about the “true value” of this guide, the author of the VA Benefits Survival Guide has made the final price a total of $39.00.

Once your card is charged, you will immediately gain online access to the program, along with any bonus materials offered at that time.

Contacting the Author of the VA Benefits Survival Guide

This guide is relatively new, and will only be available for a limited time for consumers to make their purchase. You might want to speak to a customer service representative before you submit your purchase. However, there is no way to call the company directly.

Instead, you will have to fill out the form on the website to submit a ticket with your question. Any questions should receive a reply within about 24 hours.


The VA Benefits Survival Guide helps to condense the process of getting benefits and claims handled by the right people.

Trying to transition back into a “normal” life is hard enough at any age, but this author has found a way around the hoops that the VA may make you endure for the simple coverage you should have anyway.

If you are having a hard time getting through the piles of paperwork and the obscene amount of forms you need to fill in, the customer service department can still help to clarify the instructions given to you.