Some of the hardest workers in the country are those who serve their communities and their country. These men and women are firefighters, police officers, and those in the armed forces.

Every single one of them has a harrowing, hard job, and if something can be done to make this job a little easier, it needs to be done.

There are several ways the jobs of the hardworking men and women in service, whether for their communities or country, can be made easier. However, one of the issues that plagues these workers is often overlooked.

Because those who are hard at work on a daily basis are faced with conditions that aren’t at all average, they need clothes that are above average. These clothes need to support and protect these men and women the same way they protect others.

While many of those who serve are in uniform, when it comes to their lower layers, they are given a little bit more freedom. And it’s these layers, the ones that have direct contact with their skin, that need to be of the best of the best quality.

To protect users from things like chaffing or fabric burns, these clothes need to be heavy duty, but soft enough to easily sit against user’s skin for hours at a time.

XGO has spent years perfecting the clothes it makes today. Over the years, XGO has worked tirelessly to create technology and material that will work as hard as the people wearing their clothes.

Whether its customers are serving overseas, serving in their communities, or just need heavy duty, quality clothing, XGO goes above and beyond for every single one.

About XGO

A division of Longworth Industries, XGO has been producing base layer products for customers all over the country for over 10 years. The key to the success of XGO is that it is extremely devoted to its country.

Because of this, XGO not only produces the best of the best when it comes to quality clothes for any and all conditions, but all its products are proudly made in the United States.

As mentioned above, XGO is a branch of Longworth Industries. The birth of XGO was actually the result of another branch of the company, Polarmax. In 2004, Polarmax won a contract with the United States army for its moisture wicking polyester t-shirts.

Once this contract was in place, XGO was founded to continue supplying superior clothing products to the US military, government service, law enforcement agencies, and first responders.

Over the past twelve years, XGO hasn’t only become a favorite for the departments listed earlier, but also for those who live rougher lives than the more average person.

From hunters to fishers, XGO and its superior products have become a favorite for those who spend long amounts of time outdoors and need clothing that is as tough as them.

While XGO started as a company that made t-shirts, over time its fabric technology and superior manufacturing process has made it possible for the company to produce a wide variety of clothes. The many products offered by XGO are listed in detail below.

What Makes XGO Different

While mentioned briefly above, XGO was started to meet the needs of the US Army. It is here that the differences between XGO and other clothing companies begin.

While most clothing companies are focused on profit, and sacrificing quality in order to make this profit, XGO is focused on innovation and patriotism.

It’s this laser sharp focus that makes XGO so different from other clothing companies, many of which can’t even be compared to the work and quality of clothes produced by XGO.

Another thing that makes XGO different is that the company is constantly striving to innovate the world of clothing.

Starting with their moisture wicking polyester shirts to more recent products, like its AG47 antimicrobial material, XGO has always been at the lead when it comes to testing new things and improving on old ideas.

When people are out in the field, the last thing they want to worry about is sweat dripping down their body and soaking through their clothes. Because of this, Acclimate Dry by XGO has become a prominent feature in the gear produced by XGO.

Acclimate Dry is a trademarked feature in XGO clothes that allows the companies to wick better than almost any other options on the market. By allowing water and sweat to dry faster, Acclimate Dry is able to keep its wearers more comfortable for longer periods of times.

With options like its wicking fabric, antimicrobial options, odor control and flame retardant fibers, as well as clean seam construction, it’s no wonder that XGO clothes are some of the best and most popular clothes amongst those who serve their country and their communities.

Products Sold by XGO

Because XGO is constantly updating its inventory, as well as making new discoveries, its list of products is always changing. Due to this constant change, XGO breaks its products down into categories, as well as different phases.

Not only do these phases and categories make it easier for users to find the products they want, but it also helps them understand the specific purposes for each product.

A list of the categories and phases of XGO products, as well as the products and list prices, can be found in detail below.

Phase 1

  • Phase 1 Performance XGO Polo Shirt – $50.00
  • Phase 1 Performance Tactical T-Shirt – $31.00
  • Phase 1 Performance T-Shirt – From $33.00 – $43.00
  • Phase 1 Performance Men's Pant – From $35.00 – $45.00
  • Phase 1 Performance Men's Longsleeve Crew – From $35.00 – $45.00
  • Phase 1 Performance Advanced Cooling T-Shirt – $40.00
  • Phase 1 FR Short Sleeve T-Shirt – From $56.00 – $58.00
  • Phase 1 FR Short Sleeve Mesh Shirt – $58.00
  • Phase 1 FR Short Sleeve Crew – $49.00
  • Phase 1 FR Men's Pant – $63.00
  • Phase 1 FR Longsleeve Crew – $63.00
  • Phase 1 FR Hybrid Short Sleeve Crew – $60.00
  • Phase 1 FR Boxer Brief – $46.00
  • Phase 1 FR Advanced Cooling T-Shirt – $62.00

Phase 2

  • Phase 2 FR Longsleeve Crew – $67.00
  • Phase 2 FR Pant – $67.00
  • Phase 2 FR Short Sleeve T-Shirt – $63.00
  • Phase 2 FR Zip-Mock – $78.00
  • Phase 2 Performance Men's Long Sleeve Crew – $38.00
  • Phase 2 Performance Men's Pant – $38.00
  • XGO FR Phase 2 Balaclava – $27.00
  • XGO FR Phase 2 Neck Gaiter – $27.00

Phase 3

  • Phase 3 Performance Men's Longsleeve Mock – $48.00
  • Phase 3 Performance Men's Longsleeve Strong Crew – $48.00
  • Phase 3 Performance Men's Pant – $48.00
  • Phase 3 Performance Men's Tight – $48.00
  • XGO FR Phase 3 Neck Gaiter – $26.00

Phase 4

  • Phase 4 FR Longsleeve Crew – $138.00
  • Phase 4 FR Pant – $138.00
  • Phase 4 FR Zip-Mock w/ Thumbhole Cuff – $148.00
  • Phase 4 Performance Men's Hoodie Sweatshirt – $85.00
  •  Phase 4 Performance Men's Longsleeve Crew – $59.00
  •  Phase 4 Performance Men's Pant – $79.00
  • Phase 4 Performance Men's Zip Mock – $89.00
  • XGO FR Phase 4 Balaclava – $48.00

Power Skins

  • Power Skins® Performance Men's Boxer Brief – $31.00
  • Power Skins® Performance Men's Longsleeve Crew – $51.00
  • Power Skins® Performance Men's Short – $31.00
  • Power Skins® Performance Men's T-Shirt – $36.00
  • Power Skins® Performance Shortsleeve Crew – $36.00
  • Power Skins® Performance Sun Hoodie – $60.00

XGO Life

  • XGO Life Trucker Cap – $25.00
  • XGO Life Men's Promo Performance Longsleeve Crew – $37.00
  • XGO Life Promo Performance T-Shirt – $36.00

XGO Performance Accessories

  • XGO Life Trucker Cap – $25.00
  • XGO Performance 2-Piece Balaclava – $32.00
  • XGO Performance Balaclava – $25.00
  • XGO Performance Neck Gaiter – $19.00
  • XGO Performance Neck Pipe – $20.00
  • XGO Performance Sleeve – $30.00
  • XGO Performance Watch Cap – $19.00